Planivy.CZ - Moravian karst
   Moravian Karst is the most important limestone area in the Czech Republic. This flat highland, which is made of Devonian and Lower Carboniferous limestones, is situated to the north of Brno city. Moravian Karst is 25 km long, from 3 to 6 km wide with average altitude of 448 m. Its surface area is 85 square km.
   From karstologic point of view, the most interesting part of Moravian Karst is the north part where the karst phenomenon was formed by the biggest river Punkva and its tributaries.
   There are found all caves which are opened to the public e. g. Sloupsko - Sosuvske caves, Balcarka cave, Katerinska cave and Punkevni cave. Last named cave is the most popular and is known for its boat trips on an underground river. It's also important to mention the famous 139 m deep Macocha abbys (with dimensions of chasm 172 x 76 m) on whose bottom the Punkva river flows through.
   From inaccessible caves are very attractive for speleologists:
  • system Amaterska - Punkevni caves - one of the longest cave-systems in the Central Europe (north part of M.K. - 32,5 km).
  • system Rudicke Propadani - Byci Skala caves (middle part of M.K. - 11,5 km)
  • Ochozska cave (south part of M.K. - 2 km)