Planivy.CZ - Activities
Researches and prolongation activities of the speleoclub Planivy in 2006
P. Polak, S. Kovačič
12.02.2007 - =P=
In the Nová Amatérská cave continued digging works in U Dvou Velkých branch. At the end of year was reached 18 m of length. New 28 m tall chimney was climbed up in the Zemních Pyramid chamber. It was finished in collapse and there is not already possibility of next continuation. New discoveries were done in the Křížův sinkhole. After extraction of a boulder in 19 m depth were found open passage leading to small chamber and 12 m deep shaft. 3 chimneys were climbed up but any next way already wasn't found. Total length stays 90 m with 40 m denivelation. Members achieved several geophysical measurements in order to locate underground continuance of the Holštejnská cave and others located caverns. In the Slovenia members organized researches on the plateau in Divača area close Škocjanske caves. On the Možnica plateau (Kanin massif) was discovered new parts in the C24 - Pretty Woman and denivelation was increased to 245 m. Members participated on researches of the Kanin plateau and Črnělsko Brezno expedition which were organized by Kota 1000 and Cavex teams.
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