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Kačna Jama 2005
25.10.2005 - =P=
From 23th till 28th of September 2005 was organized expedition to the Kačna Jama in Slovenia. Action was organized by the Planivy speleoclub together with JD “Gregor Žiberna” Divača (Slovenia). On action participated 7 members of the speleogroup Plzeň (Czech republic) as well. Main aim of the expedition was research the outflowing parts of the Reka river, especially Cimermanov Rov and finding the perspective places from next continuation possibilities point of view.

There was discovered 100 m of new passages in the Rov Desetih Jezer. More possibilities for next research proceeding seem to be in Labyrinth and in parts behind it, especially in Cimermanov rov. These parts was not detailed researched during this trip by reason of material missing. However, for next research proceeding was found following difficulties:
  • Long-term staying is necessary in bivak somewhere in the Labyrinth (above Mračno Jezero)

  • All parts from point of interest are situated in flooded area where water level can increase very fast

  • These parts are situated very far from entrance and phone connection is necessary to establish

  • All mentioned facts are limiting factors for making the long-term research there without possibility of emergency exit

  • The best solution would be creation of the another entrance into this part, for example in Bukovnik cave which is situated above Lojzov Podor area

Complete trip report you can find here (PDF document - 300 kB).
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