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Plánivský zraz 28.11.
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Přítomni: Bradek, Hanča, Tom, Ivča, Dejv, P, Tomík, Uli, Šumák. ...continuation
Researches and prolongation activities of the speleoclub Planivy in 2006
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In the Nová Amatérská cave continued digging works in U Dvou Velkých branch. At the end of year was reached 18 m of length. New 28 m tall chimney was climbed up in the Zemních Pyramid chamber. It was finished in collapse and there is not already possibility of next continuation. New discoveries were done in the Křížův sinkhole. After extraction of a boulder in 19 m depth were found open passage leading to small chamber and 12 m deep shaft. 3 chimneys were climbed up but any next way already wasn't found. Total length stays 90 m with 40 m denivelation. Members achieved several geophysical measurements in order to locate underground continuance of the Holštejnská cave and others located caverns. In the Slovenia members organized researches on the plateau in Divača area close Škocjanske caves. On the Možnica plateau (Kanin massif) was discovered new parts in the C24 - Pretty Woman and denivelation was increased to 245 m. Members participated on researches of the Kanin plateau and Črnělsko Brezno expedition which were organized by Kota 1000 and Cavex teams. 
Slovenia 2006 - Divača area
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From 23th till 27th of June 2006 was organized speleoexpedition to the Slovenia - Divača area. Action was organized by the Planivy speleoclub (Czech republic) together with JD “Gregor Žiberna” Divača (Slovenia). Main aim of the expedition was research of the caves situated above outflow part of the Kačna Jama. There was done prolongations in order to find the interconnection to lower parts. The most perspective localities was recommended by members of the speleoclub JD “Gregor Žiberna”. ...continuation
Activities in 2005
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Speleogroup Planivy organized expedition to the Kačna Jama in Slovenia and participated on the Gouffre Berger expedition in France. More information are available in the previous articles.
In the Moravian karst was continued in digging works in the Křížův sinkhole. 24 m of depth was reached at the end of year. In the Amatérská cave was done partial mapping works in the Macošský corridor. Digging works was started in U Dvou Velkých dome in Macošský corridor. Main aim is finding of the Bíla voda creek riverbed behind the siphon in outflowing part of Chrochtadlo. 
Kačna Jama 2005
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From 23th till 28th of September 2005 was organized expedition to the Kačna Jama in Slovenia. Action was organized by the Planivy speleoclub together with JD “Gregor Žiberna” Divača (Slovenia). On action participated 7 members of the speleogroup Plzeň (Czech republic) as well. Main aim of the expedition was research the outflowing parts of the Reka river, especially Cimermanov Rov and finding the perspective places from next continuation possibilities point of view. ...continuation
Expedition Gouffre Berger 2005
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From 7th till 16th June 2005 7 members of Czech Speleological Society participated on expedition to Gouffre Berger cave. This expedition was organized by the speleoclub R.E.S.S.A.C. In this term the weather was relatively stable. Water conditions in the streams was very low. The cave was rigged during two actions. First two groups reached the S1 siphon in -1122 m on Tuesday 12th. Others participants made the descent on Saturday 16th. The cave was rigged off at same time. Number of visitors was approximately 30 at large and they was from several French speloclubs. During the action didn't became any accidents. In the Vercors plateau was visited the Grotte de Gournier cave as well. The members of Czech team spent next week in karst in Ardéche. There was visited Orgnac cave, system Aven Gregoir - Cuve Fee and Aven Noel with guiding of speleoclub R.E.S.S.A.C. members.

More photos are available in photogalery here
Researches in the New Amatérská cave during 2000 and 2004 period
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1. Chimney explorations

There was continued in climbing of chimneys which was started in previous period.
Firstly was climbed U Bobulí chimney in the Zemních Pyramid chamber. On the top was found two branches. First one was ended by unpassable passage but sound communication with main chamber was detected. Second one finished in 33 m of height in narrow cracks.
Over 9 months takes research of the biggest crack of the Zemních Pyramid chamber named chimney of Acrobats. In the western part of one was researched several chimneys with discovery of horizontal level with 30 m of total length. There was reached 50 m of height. Lower part of chimney was explored with using of a pole. Particular chimneys was overpowered by free or technical climbing.
During next period was climbed up several chimneys especially in Bezejmenný chamber (12 m) and U Vývěru chamber without discovery of new parts.
Activities in 2004
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In the Nová Amatérská cave was explored south-eastern branch of the riverbed of Punkva river, predominantly filled by clay. In rear part was discovered the Yperite chimney 17m tall. Total length 75m of this part named Kráva (the Cow) was surveyed. In the Křížův sinkhole was stopped digging in old branch. Work continued straight under entrance along compact limestone wall. In 17m of depth was discovered narrow crack and new passage was found behind it. But this one wasn’t passed for the pressent. In the Nový Lopač cave we climbed 17m tall chimney and several our members participated on final sump pumping. Members of our speleogroup took in hand an expedition to Hungary, Slovenia, Romania and Poland. 
Expedition Romania 2004 - Caves of the Padis plateau
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Ten members of speleogroup Plánivy realized in the term from 7th to 14th of August 2004 expedition to Padis plateau in Bihor mountains in Romania. Caves Ghetarul Barsa, Zapodie, Neagra, Cetatea Radesei and karstic system Avenul Gemanata - Avenul Negru were visited during this stay.

More photos are available in photogalery here
History and new discoveries of the Bílá Voda creek riverbed in the Nová Amatérska cave
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River-basin of Bílá Voda creek takes in area 66,6 km2. Bílá Voda creek is one of two most meaningful tributaries of Punkva river which is flowing thru such phenomena as Macocha abyss and Punkevní cave.