Planivy.CZ - About us
   Our speleoclub was established in 1959 and was called Planivy according to the Planivy cave which become the first location of our research.
   In the course of time, spend time in the other locations as well. Especially in the areas around the Bila Voda creek in the northern part of Moravian Karst where research was taken. At the moment, we are working on research, cartography, hydrology and geology studies of the greatest cave system in the Czech Republic - Amaterska cave.
   Now days, the speleoclub has about 30 enthusiastic members and belongs to the Czech Speleological Society. Our members have also made a lot of expeditions and sporting trips abroad, e.g. to the Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary and Romania. We have shared with preparing the two longest tyrolean traverses of the world in Slovakia (Great traverse) and in Czech (Labsky traverse).
   Those people who are interested in visiting our caves are welcome. We provide accommodation in one of our chalets with a sleeping capacity of 15 - 20 persons (own sleeping bags expected). The chalet is equipped with electricity, hot water and sanitary facilities (shower + WC). There are also a kitchen, two bedrooms and a sitting room available.